What Would You Do With Your Life If You Felt 20 Years Younger?

Take Up A New Sport? Go On Crazy Adventures? Do EVERYTHING On Your Bucket List (and add a few new ones!) ?

  • ​Did I mention it's FREE!? 😉

  • FREE Fitness class on the beach, 3 Days a week - Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 9am I'll be running a FREE 30 min fitness class open to all and totally free. Just turn up at the Big Tuna on the Paseo Maritimo in your sports kit at 9am
  • ​FREE bi-weekly in person workshop where I'll be showing you exactly how you can lose weight, feel and look younger, have energy to burn, banish digestive issues and loads more...again totally FREE!
  • Monthly adventures/activity to inspire you, to show you what's possible and give you a reason to get healthy (guess what...it's free!)
  • ​Meet new people and join our community
FREE Fitness Class 3 days a week on the beaches of Tarifa and a FREE bi-weekly workshop where I'll be showing you the keys to losing weight and keeping it off, getting the body you always dreamed of and feeling and looking younger.

And every month I'll be heading off on a cool adventure or activity and it would be great if you could join (it's free as well!). 

You see I believe motivation to get healthy will only get you so far, I want to inspire you, to show you all the cool things you can do with a healthy body and mind. 

Cool things which then become the reason you want to eat healthy, to get in shape, to bounce out of bed each morning and have energy to burn. 

So you can do more of them!

I truly believe you DON'T NEED motivation, when you're INSPIRED. 

What's The Catch? 

Well I'm hoping that in joining me on these free classes you'll see such great results that you choose to work with me in one of my paid programs and get better results, faster. But if you don't no problems, you'll be welcome at these classes for life.
Frequently Asked Questions
Where do we meet for the fitness classes?
Well meet at the big Tuna on the Paseo Maritimo, Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 9am, just wear sporty clothes.
Where do we meet for the bi weekly workshops?
Location TBC, but I'll let you know at the morning fitness sessions for the moment.
What are the monthly adventures?
These will be different every month and we'll discuss as a group what we fancy doing and what day works best for people. During the adventure we'll also be taking a deeper dive into some of the topics I talk about in the workshops, putting the theory into practice so you don't just understand the theory you actually see and feel the difference. 
I'm totally not in shape, is this for me?
The classes are tailored to many different levels, I always offer several versions of the same exercise so beginners and more advanced people reap the benefits, So yes I will ensure the class is totally tailored to your current fitness level.
I can't make the morning fitness classes
No worries, contact me using the button above and I'll see if we can come up with a plan.
I’m injured or have suffered a bad injury?
Then I would definitely encourage you to get onboard. 

This will help you to recover faster and stronger and also start to heal the psychological scars injury often leaves. Which leads to the fear of trying something new that stops people from pushing themselves.
I’m not fit or have a condition that means I can’t do intense physical activity.
No problem, we'll go at a pace which works for you.
Can I be a beginner?

Being a total beginner and joining us is a very, very smart idea. Basically you’re taking a few years off your progression time and are focusing from day 1 on the processes and practices that will actually work while you improve your health
If I don't want to continue, can I cancel?
All of this is totally free, so if you don't want to carry on, just don't turn up...no strings, no pressures.
To get started just click the button below, to send me a message on Whatsapp
Imagine what your life will be like when:
  • ​​You feel and look 20 years younger
  • ​​You have energy to burn, and 20 year olds are struggling to keep up with you,
  • ​You have the body you always dreamed of,
  • ​You've got rid of the extra weight you're carrying,
  • ​You're fit enough to do all the things you love to do,
  • ​You recover faster after activity so you can get up and do the same again tomorrow and not suffer from the lethargy, aches and pains that you normally get,
  • ​You get injured less and recover faster when you are,
  • ​You're more flexible,
  • ​You don’t suffer all those creeping aches and pains,
  • ​You get ill less...
What would you do with your life if you had all this in just a few months?
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