NTX "Perform" Kitesurfing Camp

When You Absolutely HAVE To

Kitesurf Better at 30, 40, 50 or 60+ than you EVER did at 20...GUARANTEED

“I started snowboarding again (which I thought I’d never be able to do again) felt and looked younger, started sleeping like a Lion and even beat my PB jump in kitesurfing” - Dave Llewellyn
Spend a week upgrading your performance, improving recovery, losing weight and building strength and fitness and then put it into action each day...

Kitesurfing In The Worlds Most Consistently Windy Spot – Tarifa

Whilst We Show You How You Can Do It The Next Day (And The Next And The Next) Without The Usual Aches, Pains And Lethargy You Get After An AWESOME Session.

You'll Literally Have "Kids" Half Your Age Struggling To Keep Up With You!

Backed by the Tantrum Guarantees

We’re so confident you will love this Camp that if, by day 3, you’re not happy with us, let us know and we’ll give you your money back, no questions, no stress, no problems. 


If Covid rears its damn, ugly head and it means the travel corridors close down again, or we have to cancel, you’ll get a FULL, no questions asked refund immediately.

On This NTX "Perform" Kitesurf Camp You'll:

  • Reverse The Natural Physical And Mental Decline Which Occurs After 40 So You Can Reclaim Your Former Glory...Before It's Too Late  
  • ​Lose Two Kilos of Fat And Gain One Kilo Of Muscle (Without *EVER* Counting Calories, Going Hungry or Spending HOURS In The Gym)
  • Get Rid of Aches And Pains, Recover Faster And Become MUCH More Resistant To Injury
  • Feel & Perform Like You're YEARS Younger
  • ​Watch As "Kids" Half Your Age Struggle To Keep Up With You
  • ​Increase Stamina So You Can Kitesurf Longer
  • ​Lose The Extra Weight You’re Carrying & Learn How To Get The Beach Body Of A Surfer
  • Build Kitesurfing Speed And Power
  • ​Increase Energy On (and Off) The Water
  • ​Upgrade Sleep So You Learn Faster And Feel AWESOME
  • ​Recover Faster So You Can Kitesurf More Often
  • Improve Flexibility So You Get Injured Less

5, 10, 20


We’ll walk you through all the principles of peak performance, get you in great shape, give you more energy, better sleep and more lust for life. 

So when you hit the water (each and every day) you see MASSIVE gains in your kitesurfing and your overall performance.

Meaning You Can Kitesurf Till You Drop (And let us  make sure you have the energy to do it day after day after day)

So you become the person everyone else is trying to keep up with!

Meaning you get the absolute MOST out of this kiting holiday and every one after.

The Life You Want, The Energy You Want... The Performance You Want, Is Going To Be Fuelled By The Body You Build...

What You're Getting On Our Camp:
  • 5 nights accommodation (Sunday - Friday) – You’ll have your own private room in Tarifa’s most exclusive hotel in the heart of Tarifa town, right in front of the marina. We’re literally 2 mins walk from the old town and the beach. If you want to share a room with a friend or partner or bring a non participating partner let us know when you book and we can easily add it on
  • Complete NTX ”Kitesurf Better at 30, 40, 50 or 60+ than you EVER did at 20” Performance Package
  • ​​Kitesurfing every day under Sams expert guidance, so whatever the conditions we'll find the best flat water, waves or whatever it is you're looking for
  • ​Epic downwinders (if conditions and rider ability allow)
  • ​​Wakeboarding, Surfing, Paddle surfing, Mountain Biking in case there’s no wind
  • Thermal Spa Circuit every day
  • ​Sports Massage
  • ​​Swimming pool and terrace with views out over the Marina
  • ​Breakfast and lunch each day, the menu is specified by me (and I’ll be eating with you) so you can be sure it’s of the highest quality and designed to meet your goals for the week
  • Daily beach transfers
  • ​Rescue boat service
  • Kitesurf on the best beaches Tarifa has to offer (I’ll be kiting with you so we’ll have my local knowledge to guide us). If you can’t yet ride upwind I’ll organise lessons for you with our sister school (this obviously costs a bit extra)
  • ​Full kit hire available, including foil boards and wings for those who want to try, and instructors for those who want to progress available for an extra cost

BONUS: Free access to the NTX Academy and live weekly coaching calls with me from the day you book till the day the camp starts. I'll be coaching you every week in how to ensure you’re in great shape before you even set foot on the beach

(It also means the earlier you book, the more coaching you get!)

Price: 1,947 €


30th May - 4th June
When I first stated working with Sam I felt old, I ached every time I went kitesurfing and was doing less and less as my body just didn’t have the stamina it used to have. I’d take days to recover after a session and was aware I wasn’t far away from having to give it all up. Now I’m out every day there’s wind and to be honest I’m kiting better and enjoying it more than I was 15 years ago.

- Greg Hansson
Sam is an ex Royal Marine, one of the first Bulletproof Human Potential Coaches, Personal Trainer and Functional Diagnostic Practitioner

He's also a life long extreme and adventure sports athlete, the founder of Tantrum and the creator of the NTX System.


Over the week I’ll be sharing all of the secrets I’ve “borrowed” from elite athletes such as Tom Brady (the 43 year old, 8 times Super Bowl winning quarterback) and Zlatan Ibrahimović (the 39 year old AC Milan Striker and one of the most highly decorated footballers of all time). 

Secrets which enable them to regularly out perform people half their age

Secrets I have used myself and use every day with clients, to transform their performance and allow them to feel and perform as if they were 20 years younger.
I’ll be showing you exactly how to workout, what to eat, the little things to do each day which enable you to keep performing at the highest levels long after science tells us you should be slowing down and taking it easy.

And we won’t be just talking about these things, we’ll actually be doing them together. So by the end of the week you’ll not only understand the principles, you’ll have put them into action, felt the results for yourself and be able to keep on doing them when you get home.

(As a result it’s not uncommon for people to drop 2 kilos of fat and gain a kilo of muscle on these camps and feel better after 5 days of full kiting than they did on day 1!)

What To Expect From This Camp:

  • Lose at least 2 kilos of stubborn belly fat
  • Gain at least 1 kilo of lean muscle
  • Have more energy than you’ve felt in years
  • Kitesurf for longer at a higher level and then do it again the next day without the usual aches and pains
  • ​Feel younger at the end of the week (after hours of kiting every day) than you did at the start of the week
  • Understand the principles of peak performance (and have actually implemented them all week) so you can keep on improving when you get home
  • ​MASSIVELY improve your kitesurfing
  • And of course, have a hell of a lot of fun, kitesurfing with friends off some of the best beaches the world has to offer


  • If you at any point in the 5 days you don’t feel like we’re living up to our promises let me know and if I can’t fix it to your satisfaction, I’ll give you your money back right there and then, no questions asked.
  • Want something a bit more concrete? I’m that confident in the methods we employ over these 5 days that if you haven’t lost 2 kilos of fat and gained a kilo of muscle and feel years younger by the end of the camp, let me know and again I’ll give you your money back.
  • And of course in these times - Coronavirus Guarantee: If Covid rears its damn, ugly head and it means the travel corridors close down again, or we have to cancel, you’ll get a FULL, no questions asked refund immediately.
We only ask for a deposit at booking and full payment isn't due until day 3 of the camp (so you have a few days to ensure we stand by our promises) 


Situated in the heart of Tarifa town, in front of the Marina we’ve set our camp in the most exclusive hotel in Tarifa. Featuring it’s own thermal spa, restaurant, roof top swimming pool and bar area with views out over the Marina and the Straits. We’re located 2 mins walks from both the historic old town and the world famous beaches of Tarifa.

The price includes your own private room. If you want to share the room with a friend (even if their not taking part in the camp) let us know when you book and we can sort it out.


Doctors, Professional Personal Trainers, Nutritionalists and Health Coaches Will HATE ME for saying this.

This is the secret which allows them to charge 1000 € + for a single hour long consultation with their clients, not get the results they promised and move on.

You ready to hear it?
 I’m talking about the lie that "declining performance as we get older is inevitable, a fact of life," or even better the lie that it’s "all in the genes" and if you won the genetic lottery then great if not you’re buggered.
Let’s expose their argument. 

For those of you old enough to remember there’s a classic sketch in Only Fools and Horses where Trigger is talking about his road sweeping broom…

“I’ve had the same broom for the last 20 years, I look after it well, this old broom has had 17 new heads and 14 new handles.”

“How the hell can it be the same bloody broom then?”

In this case you’re Triggers Broom.
Your cells die, replicate and are replaced with new ones over a time span ranging from every few days to 7 -10 years…

Meaning in 7 - 10 years you will be an entirely new person, just like Triggers Broom.


This cellular replication process is not perfect. Things like toxins in the environment, exposure to sunlight, poor diet, lack of movement and a whole host of other things cause new cells to be slightly less perfect copies.

Think of it like taking photocopies of photocopies, until finally the document is unreadable.

This is the basis of ageing and declining performance which we call “growing old.”

Here’s the thing. Your body holds a copy of the original, perfect cell, the blueprint if you like.

And it's possible, by doing some very specific things, to move your cells back towards that blueprint.

Meaning you can literally youth yourself at a cellular level and actually IMPROVE your performance as you get older.

Just like this chap…
Tom Brady, star quarterback, 7 times Super Bowl winner and greatest quarterback EVER, is the golden boy of the NFL with a career spanning more than 20 years in a sport where the average career length is just 3 years. 

One more important fact...

He's 43! 

Most of us are struggling to get out bed at 43 let alone getting hit by 250 pound plus linebackers on a daily basis.

What’s amazing about Tom is that at 26 he was ready to give up…he couldn’t break into the first team and was in constant pain from the beatings he was taking in training.
Working with a bunch of experts Tom decided to take the long term view…

And promptly became the laughing stock of the NFL. 

Tom and his "hippy" methods were ridiculed by players, coaches and doctors alike.

Tom stuck to his guns, he continued to believe in what he was doing, kept using the same techniques, kept the same methods of training.

After a few months something amazing happened...

He started to improve…at rates never before seen. Until by 35 he was getting better each year and this improvement continues to this day…he's quite literally getting better despite the fact he's in his 40’s.

And this is a fact you can look up and verify.

The reality is, long term performance isn't a genetic thing, it's a learnable skill. Just as they teach drawing classes in college, I can teach you long term, optimal performance.

THAT’S what I’m doing over the 5 days of this camp.

Actually implementing with you all the tricks of the trade, frameworks, and shortcuts I've "borrowed" from athletes like Tom and have been using on myself and my clients for years with amazing results.

So ini just a week we can shave years off your learning curve and your biological age.

The other big difference with this camp is I wont just be talking about these things, we'll be actually doing them together, so you not only learn what to do you actually do them and feel and see the difference. And then know exactly what to do to keep getting these benefits when you get home.


What Most People Do

What The Pro's Do

So you don’t leave empty handed after reading all of this, here’s one tip that will change your performance.

Most of our knowledge of what works in health, in fitness and in performance is based on studies of elite athletes.
Studies which are then used to inform what the lay man does, following the ethos. “if it’s good enough for Usain Bolt, it’s good enough for me.”

To a certain extent this is true, except for one huge flaw...

Most athletes are looking at being the best they can possibly be RIGHT NOW, so they can win that next medal or game, or just make the team this week.

Very few of them (and even less of their coaches) are looking at the optimal way to sustain that performance over 10 - 20 or more years.

And the things which give us PEAK performance today ALWAYS come at the expense of OPTIMAL performance over the long term.
Take carb loading, it’s pretty much accepted that eating plenty of carbohydrates before a big event is the best way to store glucose in the muscles and ensure you don’t run out of fuel half way through whatever it is you’re doing…

But that same carb loading has multiple effects which long term, will negatively affect your health.

To take one such example, carbs spike blood sugar, which, if done consistently over time, leads to insulin resistance. Definitely not a high performance state and not something which is going to see you performing at your best in to your old age..
Working out the wrong way or training too hard, too much or the wrong way has a similar effect. 

Sure you’ll get fit in the short term, but you’re also placing a HUGE amount of strain on the joints and muscles which will always come back to haunt you in the form of impaired mobility and injuries later in life.

So instead of focussing on short term strategies for PEAK performance we need to focus on long term strategies for OPTIMAL performance…just like Tom.

Which is exactly what we're going to be doing on this camp.

We'll be implementing 100's more of these “difference maker” tips. Each of them upgrading your long term optimal performance by a factor of at least x2-x5.

You’ll go from the guy or gal who's struggling to keep up with their younger colleagues, to being the one everyone else is trying to keep up with.

Imagine the feeling of people raving about your abilities and stamina despite your age.

Imagine being on an activity holiday and you’re the one setting the pace.

THAT’S what I’m going to do for you on this camp.


If you could reduce your biological age by 2 years what would that be worth?

What would it be worth to you if you had a future to look forward as bright as your past, if you could literally youth yourself and look forward to performing like you were 20 years old again?

If I sold this Camp at 10,000 € it would be a fair price. With the level of expertise, accolades, experience and the high level strategies taught, this program would easily be worth 10,000 €.

I wanted this program to be fun event with a great price point.

Because I want this program to be available to the fit and the unfit, the old and the young alike, I decided to set the price at only 1,947 €.

Obviously if this program helps you reclaim even a portion of the performance you had when you were 20 it’s worth more than 1,947 €.
If this program help you turn back the clock and start doing the things you love or enables you to keep on doing them for a long, long time you’ll obviously make far more than it costs in quality of life.

What if it helps you to do much more?

What if it helps you to reduce your metabolic age by 10 or more years like I did for…

Brad Turner started working with me when he was 58 with a metabolic age of 57. On his 60th birthday, after working with me for 2 years, he took another metabolic test and discovered his new metabolic age was 37. In that time, he'd taken up skiing, kitesurfing and had sailed round the world...all things he never thought he'd do just 2 years earlier. 


I’ll finish with this thought.

If you’re still reading it’s because something isn’t right in your life right now. You obviously need help in some shape or form.

You could keep searching.

Maybe a few weeks go by and you’re still in the same situation. Or maybe you buy today and let us guide you by the hand.

In just a few moments you’ll be signed up to a complete program and have a coach, and you just have to turn up and we'll actually do it all with you. So you don't just understand what to do, you've actually done it and seen the results.

In short you'll have everything you need to win. If you don't buy today, maybe things get better or maybe they don't. But, when you buy today you've got the direct hand on guidance of an expert with over 15 years of experience, who’s spent 80,000€ plus to gain the knowledge he has and has spent 1000’s of hours helping others get results. 

You'll have the pro's on your side when you buy today.


Unfortunately we only have a few places on these camps. Which I’m fine with, I want to give you all as much personal attention as possible and make sure you all really get results.To do that I have to dedicate a fair amount of time to each of you, it would be too hard to answer questions, build our personalised plans, coach you all individually and actively provide any kind of service to a lot of people anyway. 

For that reason, once the camp is booked, it's booked and I'll remove the buy button to ensure I can focus on those who have bought. 

If it’s still here (below) then you still have time to get in…

1,947 €, with a deposit of 947 € due today

Click Here To Book Your Spot

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For the first 2 who book I'm also throwing in two SPECIAL BONUSES absolutely FREE:


That’s right for this exclusive offer only I’ll speak to you directly over zoom 1 on 1 in the next few days so we can really tailor the program to you and your unique needs from day 1, whilst ensuring you know EXACTLY what it is you need to be doing, how to do it and get the results 3 x faster.

 FINDING FLOW - Value 97 €

The flow state is the ultimate performance state, also known as “The Zone” it’s that place you go to where everything happens effortlessly, where one action flows perfectly to the next and you feel godlike. It’s the ultimate performance state.

I’ll give you access to my groundbreaking Finding Flow program which tells you how to get into the flow state on demand so you can supercharge your performance, progress much faster and get even more stoke, whatever it is you’re doing.

Here's what past customers had to say about my teaching...

“Your strategies and insights have been instrumental to my continued success as an athlete. I was honestly on the brink of retiring and now I feel as if I can continue to do what I love for years!"

- Jason Blake – Semi Pro Wakeboarder
“Ever since I finished the Program, I've been feeling younger. I’ve taken up climbing and even started to learn to ski (which was always an unfulfilled dream of mine and one I was getting to the point of thinking would remain forever unfulfilled). I've never experienced this before.”

- Liana King
“I used what I learned and took the athletes I work with to the next level.”

- Jorgio Reyes
“Whatever he’s charging now, pay it. You'll get it back in full and happy years of life.”

- Michael Stern

1,947 €, with a deposit of 947 € due today

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