“I started snowboarding again (which I thought I’d never be able to do again) felt and looked younger, started sleeping like a Lion and even beat my PB jump in kitesurfing” - Dave Llewellyn
For the first time EVER I’m pulling back the curtain to reveal exactly what I do with my 1 on 1 clients so they can workout in 15 mins a week and get the same benefits as if they worked out for 15 hours a week in a system so simple anyone can do it no matter what your current age or health.

The First Ever NTX Online Conditioning Program

Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life & Steal My Proven Frameworks

Yes I’m ready to stop disappointing myself spending hours at the gym and still not getting the results I want. I’m excited to look forward to a life where I can spend less time at the gym and be in better shape than ever. I’m ready with my notepad in hand for this program so I can finally start performing better and having more time and energy to do the things I love.
What You're Getting: You’ll get access to my Complete NTX Conditioning Program. I’ve turned my life around from spending hours every day packed in a gym and getting nowhere to spending hardly any time working out and being in better shape than EVER…and I’ve helped dozens of others do exactly the same.

I’ll guide you through several different modules and you’ll walk away with the best of levels of stamina, of strength, of resistance to injury and exuberance you’ve ever experienced without having to spend half your life dedicated to achieving it.
When I first stated working with Sam I felt old, I ached every time I went kitesurfing and was doing less and less as my body just didn’t have the stamina it used to have. I’d take days to recover after a session and was aware I wasn’t far away from having to give it all up. Now I’m out every day there’s wind and to be honest I’m kiting better and enjoying it more than I was 15 years ago and I’m spending no more than 20 mins a week in the gym

- Greg Hansson
Sam is an ex Royal Marine, one of the first Bulletproof Optimal Performance Coaches and a life long extreme and adventure sports athlete. He’s the founder of Tantrum and the creator of the NTX System.

Master These Critical Skills And Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life

How to feel superhuman, without spending hours in the gym.

Let’s get real, there are 1000’s of fitness programs out there, but most of them are designed by Instagram model type, 20 something year olds. What these guys and gals don’t realise (and to be fair to them they really have no way of knowing) is that your bodies needs change as you get older so what served at 20 no longer works at 40.

When James Cracknell was taking part in the Oxford & Cambridge Boat race he was more than 20 years older than his team mates.

As part of the training they all had their metabolic rate tested. This basically told them how many calories they needed at rest per day to simply survive…how many calories they’d burn just sat on the sofa, doing nothing all day.

At 46 he clocked in at 1270 calories a day. The average of his teammates, who had an average age of 22, was 2380 calories a day. 

If he did the same training and ate the same food as his team mates, it was as if he were consuming an addition Big Mac every day.

Simply put, this means if you at age 40, were to stick to the same training and nutrition plan as you did at 30, you could expect to put on an extra 3.5 kg’s a year.

In this module I’ll show you how to build the perfect workout for your age, which promotes longevity of action rather than focussing on short term goals which actually make you weaker in the long run.

Be Lean And Ripped (And Stay That Way), Effortlessly

When ever my energy starts to decline, I notice I’m not sleeping as well or I just don’t have the stamina to really bring it in my daily life I make a few simple shifts, sit back and watch the transformations happen.

The tactics you’ll learn here are your best friend. They’ll create the wiggle room you need to build a sustainable plan for life which doesn’t require a massive lifestyle shift, whilst giving you HUGE results with just a few simple changes.

Locker Room Hacks: Perform at your best day after day

The best athletes, the top performers, the best of the best and those who can keep on doing it into their old age, don’t look like top performers. They’re not running around all day like headless chicken, they’re calm, relaxed and don’t seem to do anything different to the next guy. It’s behind closed doors where the magic happens. What a top performer does when they’re NOT performing is MUCH MORE important than what they do when they are. It’s that ability to leave the job, the pitch or the slopes and fully integrate the lessons learned and then be physically and mentally prepared to do the same all over again tomorrow at 100% capacity which marks the truly great from the wanna be’s.

If you’ve never delved into this before that’s great news as you’ll get HUGE results as soon as you start using all the techniques I’m going to teach you. You’ll get rid of all those aches and pains, and be able to do your sport for as long as you want and then get up the next day and do it all again, just like you could when you were 20. No more aching joints and feelings of lethargy after a full day of activity…you’ll be bounding to go again and again.

Secrets of a World Class Olympian.

Even if you know all the tactics in the world, it does you no good at all unless you actually implement these tactics. To be able to implement consistently the correct mindset is key and irrefutably dictates your results. It is mission critical.

Over this module we’ll install the mindset of the best of the best, in just a few hours! When I first deployed the tactics I’m teaching in this module I went from struggling to get off the sofa to doing 3 hours of sports I LOVED every day in just 30 days…not saying it’ll do the same for you, but that’s what’s possible when done right.


This is the secret which allows them to charge 100 € + for a single hour long consultation with their clients, not get the results they promised and move on.

This is the secret which allows them to charge 100 € + for a single hour long consultation with their clients, not get the results they promised and move on.

You ready to hear it?
 I’m talking about the lie that to get fit, to become healthy you have to spend hours sweating it out in the gym.
I can say this to you as I have no agenda in trying to get you to hire me as your Personal Trainer.

Let’s expose their argument. 

In a study at McMaster University in Canada, 2 groups were tested to see how long it took them to cycle 18.6 miles. 

One group then went on to perform a high intensity workout on a stationary bike. 30 seconds of intense bike riding, followed by 4 minutes of rest. 

They repeated this 3 - 5 times until they had completed a total of 2 - 3 minutes of hard cycling. 

The second group cycled at a steadier rate for 90 to 120 minutes. 

Both groups cycled for 3 consecutive days every week for 2 weeks. 

Breaking it down over the 2 weeks, the first group performed a total of 12 - 18 MINUTES of high intensity exercise. The second group 9 - 12 HOURS of much lower intensity exercise.

After this 2 week period both groups were told to repeat the initial 18.6 mile test.


Both groups had improved to the same degree. 

Biopsies were performed and even at this level they noted the same improvements.

Zero additional benefit was gained by the low endurance group, but they did get a lot more wear and tear on the body…97% more!

You see exercise, like any drug, has a Minimum Effective Dose (MED). 

A frequency, a concentration and a dosage, or a number of times a week, an intensity and an amount of reps/sets that will give the greatest benefit.

Transgress this window and do more than the MED and we do not get more benefits but: 

 * More toxicity and inflammation
 * More wear and tear
 * More rapid ageing

Don’t do enough and we don't stimulate the adaption response so don't actually improve.

This study demonstrates the MED for exercise is MUCH lower than we ever thought...
As long as the exercise is performed in a certain way. 

The key here is the workout we do. 
And this is a fact you can look up and verify.

The reality is, working out properly is like any other learnable skill. 

Just as they teach drawing classes in college, I can teach you how to workout in a way where we find your MED and then do only that amount and not a minute more…so you get the most benefits in the shortest amount of time with no extra wear and tear, and then once it’s done you don’t need a personal trainer!

What I’m doing is giving you that ability today.

THAT’S what I’m doing in this program.

I’ll quickly cover fundamentals, but spend the most amount of time downloading my tricks of the trade, frameworks, and shortcuts to you.

It’ll shave years off your learning curve and your time spent in the gym.


What Most People Do

What The Pro's Do

So you don’t leave empty handed after reading all of this, here’s one tip that will change your performance.

Most amateurs are focussed on the workout they’re doing, how many reps, sets, timings, weights etc, etc…

The pro’s know this stuff really isn’t that important. They know the magic lies in how fast you can recover from exercise.

The person who can workout, recover fast and then do the same again tomorrow will ALWAYS get better results, faster, than the person who does a workout and then needs 3 days to recover before they can do it again.

It’s simple maths. So by focussing on recovery you can improve your results 10 times (with a LOT less effort!

That’s what I’m giving you inside this program. That was just a tiny taste. That’s just the stuff I’m willing to give away for free.

When you take the program you’ll get at least 20 more of these “difference maker” tips. Each of them upgrading your ability to get in the best shape of your life by a factor of at least x2-x5.

You’ll go from the guy or gal who is struggling to keep up with their younger colleagues, to being the one everyone else is trying to keep up with.

Imagine the feeling of people raving about your abilities and stamina and the way you look.

Imagine being on an activity holiday and you’re the one setting the pace.

THAT’S what I’m going to do for you in this program.


If you could reduce your time spent in the gym and get better results than ever what would that be worth?

What would it be worth to you if you had more time, more energy, more stamina and more exuberance to do all the things you LOVE (and less time in a sweaty, smelly gym)?

If I sold this program at 500 € it would be a fair price. With the level of expertise, accolades, experience and the high level strategies taught, this program would easily be worth 500 €.

I wanted this program to be fun summer event with a no brainer price.

Because I want this program to be available to the fit and the unfit, the old and the young alike I’m setting the price at only 37 €

Obviously if this program helps you get in the best shape of your life whilst spending less time getting there it’s worth more than 37 €.

If this program gives you the exuberance and the time to start doing the things you love or enables you to keep on doing them for a long, long time you’ll obviously make far more than it costs in quality of life.

What if it helps you to do much more?

What if it helps you to reduce your metabolic age by 20 or more years like I did for…

Brad Turner started working with me when he was 58 with a metabolic age of 57. On his 60th birthday, after working with me for 2 years, he took another metabolic test and discovered his new metabolic age was 37. In that time, he'd taken up skiing, kitesurfing and had sailed round the world...all things he never thought he'd do just 2 years earlier.  


I’ll finish with this thought.

If you’re still reading it’s because something isn’t right in your life right now. You obviously need help in some shape or form.

You could keep searching.

Maybe a few weeks go by and you’re still in the same situation. Or maybe you buy today and you’ll have a frame work to follow.

In just a few moments you’ll have a plan, templates, checklists, everything you need to put yourself in a position to win. If you don't buy today, maybe things get better or maybe they don't. But, when you buy today you've got the support of an expert with over 15 years of experience, who’s spent 100,000€ plus to gain the knowledge he has and has spent 1000’s of hours helping others get results. 

You'll have the pro's on your side when you buy today.


Unfortunately I can only offer this quite frankly ridiculous price to the first 20 people. Which I’m fine with, I want to give you all as much personal attention as possible and make sure you all really get results and to do that I have to dedicate a fair amount of time to each of you, it would be too hard to answer questions and actively provide any kind of service to more than that anyway. And to be fair at this price I'm probably losing money...but I'm just so stoked for you to start seeing the results

Yes it’s all online so you can do it at your own pace.

Even use it to help you’re wife or kids get the same result’s

However, once we sell the 20th ticket I’ll be forced to remove the buy button. If it’s still here (below) then you still have time to get in…

One Time Payment of 37 €

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 FREE 30 MIN CALL WITH ME - Value 247 €

That’s right for this exclusive offer only I’ll speak to you directly over zoom 1 on 1 in the next few days so we can really tailor the program to your unique needs, ensuring you know EXACTLY what it is you need to be doing, how to do it and get the results 3 x faster.
 FINDING FLOW - Value 97 €
The flow state is the ultimate performance state, also known as “The Zone” it’s that place you go to where everything happens effortlessly, where one action flows perfectly to the next and you feel godlike. It’s the ultimate performance state.

I’ll give you access to my groundbreaking Finding Flow program which tells you how to get into the flow state on demand so you can supercharge your performance, progress much faster and get even more stoke, whatever it is you’re doing.

Here's what past customers had to say about my teaching...

“Your strategies and insights have been instrumental to my continued success as an athlete. I was honestly on the brink of retiring and now I feel as if I can continue to do what I love for years!"

- Jason Blake – Semi Pro Wakeboarder
“Ever since I finished the Program, I've been feeling younger. I’ve taken up climbing and even started to learn to ski (which was always an unfulfilled dream of mine and one I was getting to the point of thinking would remain forever unfulfilled). I've never experienced this before.”

- Liana King
“I used what I learned and took the athletes I work with to the next level.”

- Jorgio Reyes
“Whatever he’s charging now, pay it. You'll get it back in full and happy years of life.”

- Michael Stern

One Time Payment of 37 €

Click Here To Get Instant Access

Guaranteed Safe Checkout
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